For Passenger Cars and Light Trucks – Services offered include:

- New Tyres
- Repair Services
- Electronic Tyre Balancing
- Electronic Wheel Alignment




For Trucks and Buses – Services offered include:

- New Tyres
- Repair Services
- Retreaded Tyres
- Electronic Tyre Balancing



Services we also offer include:

- Tyres Breakdown & Rescue Services
- Yard Services
- Tyre Management Services


With over six decades of tyre experience, we can help supply the right tyre and service for all your automotive needs. From pre-selecting the right tread patterns, the aligning and balancing to achieve optimum wear, all the way through to proper tyre installation and application.

At St Mary's Tyre we would conduct meticulous tests to ensure it measures up to international safety standards and service that meets our customer 100% satisfaction.

Our work isn’t done as once you have purchased our tyres, we can also provide you with ongoing maintenance and care, this is to ensure that you get the maximum longevity and productivity of your tyres.


Maintenance Services we offer include:

- Air Pressure Checks & Top Ups
- Rotation to ensure optimum wear
- Yard Inspections

At St. Mary’s Tyre Service we assist our customers to dispose of their tyres when it can no longer be safely used where it will be recycled in an environmentally friendly and economical way to always keep Australia clean and green.